In today’s rapidly changing world, understanding digital is only table stakes. To truly transform, organizations need to be practical.


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Everyone seems to be talking about digital these days. It’s become the latest magic salve for all things challenging today’s organizations. Disrupt or be disrupted, the masses cheer—pointing to Silicon Valley, “unicorns,” and technology’s ever-accelerating potential to change the world. But we understand digital and see beyond the hype.

Disrupt, innovate, and transform have all become critical strategic moves, and digital is a key component of all three. But these moves aren’t driven by digital—they’re driven by ideas. It’s not Do you understand digital? or How digital are you? That’s table stakes. It’s really How good are your ideas? and Can you outthink the competition? 

At A.T. Kearney, we get this. That’s why we established our Digital Transformation Practice.

  • PRACTICAL Digital: We help organizations digitally transform from the inside-out, and at scale.
  • SMART IT: We help make sense of the technology engines that power digital, absent an implementation agenda.

Together with our industry and functional consulting colleagues, we constantly push to understand and shape the value digital brings to our clients’ organizations. Our goal is not to build technology but to develop ideas that help organizations transform. 

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The Digital Business Forum (DBF) brings together senior executives and thought leaders along with emerging startups, design agencies, government officials, and other provocative thinkers to discuss and explore digital trends and their transformative impacts to business and consumers. DBF events regularly take place in major cities around the globe.